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Kids grow up so quickly. Photographing them is an important family tradition that we should continue. The portraits are your family's memories and become heirlooms for future generations.


Personalities are reflected in what we wear, and Katelyn was no different The look was fun, but I went for something a bit more serious and ethereal. The deep rich colors of the trees added to the mood of the scene and Katelyn had great connection. 

Ethereal Tween 1Ethereal Tween 1


Ethereal Tween 2Ethereal Tween 2

In the short time that we spent together, Katelyn and I talked about school and how her school year was going. She educated me on the things I'd long ago forgotten about what it's like to be in school and those things kids and parents talk about one the ride home from school or at the dinner table. It all goes by in a blur.


Although we just spent a few minutes together these are two of my favorite images of this quick series. With more time and some planning we could have had an assortment of images that would be great for a family album, family gifts, or wall portraits. But for now, this was great. It was Katelyn at this time in her life and now it will always be remembered. 


If you're interested in finding out more information about scheduling a session with us, please contact us.



Don't forget to check out Megan's senior shoot. Click on the thumbnail below.

A Different Kind of Graduate 4A Different Kind of Graduate 4



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The Important Stuff https://tempusphotodesign.com/blog/2018/2/the-important-stuff If you're a fan of This is Us, you'd been waiting for the Super Bowl. Not for the game, but to find out what happened to Jack. We all knew he was going to die. We just didn't have all of the details other than the teasers that NBC would share in the episodes leading up to the big reveal.


But this isn't a blog about the show. Just a moment in the show, actually. The moment when Jack goes back into the burning home to emerge from the smoke-filled doorway holding his daughter's dog, and a bag. When he sat down in the ambulance to get some oxygen his wife Rebecca asks "what's this?", to which he casually replies "The important stuff." 


The important stuff he was talking about was the family albums and a VHS tape of family moments. These are a family's greatest treasures. Our homes should be filled with these memories. We should proudly display our family on the walls and on book shelves throughout our homes. We should create albums. We should give photos as gifts. 


These days, everybody has a camera with them, so being photographed by a professional seems unnecessary. Working with a professional photographer is more than just pushing a button on a camera, though. It is about owning great images of your loved ones. It is the printing of those images on archival quality materials that will last for generations. It is about creating a family heirloom that will be handed down to the next generation. We take the pressure and confusion out of that. Not only will we photograph you and your family, but we will help you to understand how you can preserve these memories.


Our legacy is in the photos that we create and share. The memories of loved ones will remain because of "the important stuff" that we curate until the next generation receives it, to be the keeper for the generation after that.


If you need help creating some of these timeless treasures, contact us and we can explore the possibilities together.


The Important Stuff 1The Important Stuff 1

The Important Stuff 2The Important Stuff 2



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Caldwell Idaho Fashion Photographer - Fashion in the Desert https://tempusphotodesign.com/blog/2018/1/fashion-in-the-desert We have some great locations in Idaho. We have mountains, forests, and even deserts. I had always wanted to visit Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park and, this past fall, I got the opportunity to check it out when Whitney contacted me to photograph her in the sand. Whitney was adding to her modeling portfolio and wanted something new. 


On the day of our shoot, I packed some lightweight gear in the trunk of my car and thought I had prepared well. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that I hadn't prepared as well as I thought I had. On my feet were an old pair of running shoes while Whitney had on some flip flops. Her choice of footwear was interesting at first because we were in the parking area with packed dirt and rock, but as soon as we moved to the sand, realized she had it right. The sand quickly started getting into my shoes and I cringed at the thought of having to deal with sand in my shoes for the next couple of hours, but tried to put that thought out of my head.


I evaluated the light, picked my lens and started giving some direction. It didn't take long to realize that the wind was pretty strong and was causing Whitney's hair to get blown all over the place. It made balancing upright more of a challenge, too.  But Whitney was up to the challenge and created some really striking poses for this series of images.

Fashion in the Desert 1Fashion in the Desert 1

Fashion in the Desert 2Fashion in the Desert 2


I changed perspective and dropped down into the sand as Whitney moved into a seated position in the sand. The new perspective was good, but the mouthful of sand, not so much. We continued to fight the wind, but still got some great results. 

Fashion in the Desert 3Fashion in the Desert 3


After an outfit change, we moved to the other side of the dune and positioned Whitney so that the wind would blow her hair out of her face and continued shooting.  

Fashion in the Desert 4Fashion in the Desert 4


When we had finished, Whitney got up to move to a new location and as she pulled the hair out of her face I saw an opportunity for a headshot. It just took a moment to frame her face with her arms, and we got this great headshot.

Fashion in the Desert 5Fashion in the Desert 5


We moved to a new location that had some of the desert vegetation and made use of that location as well. Not your typical sand dune kind of look, but again it was another option for added variety.

Fashion in the Desert 6Fashion in the Desert 6


A bit further still we found some trees that gave us some shade. It was a good opportunity to shoot something a bit moodier and with Whitney's third outfit, this moved us to an outdoor boudoir look. 

Fashion in the Desert 7Fashion in the Desert 7


  We were about out of time and had to head back, but we quickly moved out of the shade for some final shots.

Fashion in the Desert 8Fashion in the Desert 8

In all it was a productive shoot. A few locations all within walking distance of our initial dune. 3 outfits that worked out well with the sand dunes as well as a final boudoir look.  The planning is such an important step in our sessions. It helps to make sure that there's a roadmap for the shoot and makes the entire experience all the more exciting. If you would like to talk about a shoot with us, contact us for more information.





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Fall in Idaho https://tempusphotodesign.com/blog/2017/11/fall-in-idaho Maybe I'm biased, but I do love it when fall rolls around and the leaves start to change color. Our weather can be a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, but eventually, the leaves change color and fall to the ground. Gabbie and I got together in a nice quiet park in Star to take advantage of some of the changing colors. The yellows in the leaves worked really well with her blonde hair, and made for a nice, bright outdoor series.

Like most people, Gabbie is taller than me, so I had her squat down for a few quick shots and got this beautiful image complete with some of the scenery.

Fall In Idaho 1Fall In Idaho 1


I liked the perspective, but I also had Gabbie stand up and got a different perspective as well. From a standing position we we able to see Gabbie's bohemian look with the trees in the background, and again using the trees to lean against.

Fall In Idaho 2Fall In Idaho 2


I teased Gabbie about being so serious and of course this gave her the giggles. I've said it before, I don't miss a good laughing shot. When she gained her composure, she got serious again and looked straight on to the camera to give great focus on her eyes. What a great look!

Fall In Idaho 3Fall In Idaho 3


A large landscaping rock next to the tree gave us another option so Gabbie, so she took a seat and we kept shooting as the dark clouds began to roll in. 

Fall In Idaho 4Fall In Idaho 4


It was a quick shoot before the weather turned, but we were able to enjoy the fall colors and outdoor weather while it was still nice outside. During the winter months people tend to want indoor sessions. Fall sessions are just a great opportunity to get some scenery, work in great locations and just have fun being outdoors. When you're ready to head outdoors for your updated pictures, contact us. We're ready when you are.


Regardless of the season, we're always ready to capture some of Idaho's scenery in our portrait work. Click on the thumbnail below for a look back at an outdoor winter session with Katelynn.








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Urban Glamour in Downtown Nampa https://tempusphotodesign.com/blog/2017/11/urban-glamour-in-downtown-nampa We had a bit of a time crunch. Christina had a birthday party that her son had to go to, so we decided we would just work quickly to get her session done on time. We arranged to meet in downtown Nampa, and I showed up a bit early to wander around and scout the location. I made some mental notes along the way: lighting conditions, interesting locations and space to work. The theme was urban glamour so naturally brick exteriors and alleyways were part of the plan. 

Christina showed up and we got the introductions out of the way (we hadn't officially met prior to this day). For a first-time meeting, there was a whole lot of talking going on. I'm blaming Christina for this. She's a chatterbox, but in all the good ways. The introvert in me tends to be a bit more cerebral as I get to know someone and quickly learn how to interact to get great expression from our sessions; but Christina was a blast. She joked and made faces for the camera pretty much the whole time. To the bystander, it must have looked like we were just playing around and not being all that productive. But the proof is in the pudding, as they say.

Our first location turned out to be a dark brick corridor that looked a bit mysterious. It took a bit of work, but I was able to set up my light stand and small softbox. Focusing was a problem because it was very dark. I had to get creative and use a flashlight for focus, then turn it off when I was ready. The light coming in from behind Christina had a great glow and produced this beautiful image.

Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 1Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 1


We finished up at this location and moved around to the front of the building. It was brighter and from the sidewalk looked like a typical city sidewalk. We took advantage of the location since it didn't have a lot of foot traffic and, for the most part, we were able to avoid cars in the background. We found a place for Christina to sit and as she settled in, we found this great seated pose. Unconventional, but a wonderful image.

Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 2Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 2


The conversation continued, all the while Christina make faces and just cracked herself up. Seriously, I didn't have to say much, but I definitely wasn't putting my camera down. I love capturing a series of images that include laughter. It creates a real connection with the person and is a great panoramic piece that is unposed and completely natural.

Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 3Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 3


As we moved to a new location Christina mentioned that she had some flowers in the car and wanted to bring them with her so they would not get too hot in the car. The flowers were nice, so we used them for a few photos. They were a simple prop, but added a nice pop of color.

Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 4Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 4


We moved down the block and found a long wall with interesting tile frame. It seemed out of place right in the middle of the long wall, but we decided to use it to frame Christina.  She had a great pose and I took the shot. Because the sidewalk was on a bit of a slope, things didn't line up as well as I wanted. I did some creative editing to square everything up and make it look a bit more symmetrical and balanced. It's a great use of the space, has a fashion feel to it, and there's a nice openness to it.

Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 5Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 5


Our final stop was an open alley that had some nice light and great weathered brickwork. As great as the location was, I couldn't help but get in close for this beautiful portrait.

Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 6Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 6


We got some of the gritty background and then Christina decided she wanted to do some climbing. Yup, long dress and heels, and she wants to climb on stuff. I was ready: my 5'2" and 120-something pound frame was ready to catch her if she went down. Fortunately, it didn't come to that and I was able to focus on shooting. As I worked, I continued to pull back and get more and more of the location into the frame. It was a great variation to the up close portraits.

Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 7Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 7


We were having a great time, but had to wrap it up so Christina could get her son to the birthday party. In all we made great use of the time that we had available; moved around to get some different locations; and got some great results for Christina. The downtown Nampa area was a great location and made for a great day of shooting. 

If you'd like to schedule a session in downtown Nampa, or have another location in mind, please contact us and we can start planning your session.










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Caldwell Senior Photographer - A Different Kind of Graduate https://tempusphotodesign.com/blog/2017/11/caldwell-senior-photographer---a-different-kind-of-graduate Graduation is a big deal for students and it was no different for Megan. She's not a traditional student, mind you. She followed a nontraditional path and graduated from Aveda Institute of Boise on September 27th. 

Megan and I had the opportunity to get together for a quick session. We met at Star River Walk in Star. The small park is quiet, has some great tree coverage, and a path through a wooded area that makes it feel like you're miles from civilization. Rain was on its way, and the clouds produced some great diffused light. Even still, I wanted to create something with a bit of moodiness, as I often do, so I adjusted my exposure then added some extra light to make things interesting.

We walked past the open grassy area of the park, crossed over a bridge, and were swallowed up by the trees. They were a great backdrop for Megan and added a kind of mystery to the scene that reminded me of a little red riding hood scene with a bohemian twist.

A Different Kind of Graduate 1A Different Kind of Graduate 1


The rain started to fall lightly and it added that much more to the experience of the day We kept shooting. I let Megan peek at the back of my camera as we worked to refine the poses. With each peek I couldn't help but smile, just loving the results.  I saw a smile on Megan's face too, so I knew we were getting some great shots.

A Different Kind of Graduate 2A Different Kind of Graduate 2


As much as I enjoy photographing in a more traditional portrait crop, I decided to pull back and take in more of the environment with the changing leaf colors.  I composed the image with Megan on the right side of the frame with the left side remaining open and a soft focus to keep the background from competing with Megan.


A Different Kind of Graduate 3A Different Kind of Graduate 3

I pulled back even further and got a full body shot of Megan, but this time with her eyes looking away from the camera. Either of these would make great wall prints. For the traditional high school senior, this is a great composition for graduation cards, too.


A Different Kind of Graduate 4A Different Kind of Graduate 4

We were able to stay ahead of the heavier rain and finished up without delay. We got some great shots that show off Megan's personality and style while celebrating her goal of finishing up her schooling.

Congratulations Megan. Your new adventure awaits!



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Caldwell Idaho Senior Photographer - Your Camera Takes Good Pictures https://tempusphotodesign.com/blog/2017/8/your-camera-takes-good-pictures It's a line I've heard many times: "Your camera takes good pictures." In this age of smart phones where everybody has a camera, it's easy to believe that the camera does all of the work and the photographer just picks their favorites. The reality is that the camera doesn't have a brain to think about, and execute, the visual image that the photographer plans. Sure, a camera's features can help make it easier, but even a great camera, left to its own devices, will just take an average picture.


I often joke that my camera has lots of buttons and I even know what some of them do. The simple truth is that it takes a lot of time to learn how to take advantage of a camera's features, but even then, the camera is only doing what I ask it to do. Even after I have made the exposure, I still have lots of work to do.


I thought I would share a before and after to show the difference between what a camera does, and what I do after making the exposure.


This photo was taken during a session with Valerie at Freak Alley in downtown Boise. I had heard about the artwork and had been looking forward to my visit. The artwork is fantastic, and the colors are beautiful and vibrant. Valerie and I went through a series of locations and I was off to begin the process of culling images and retouching.  


This is what my original image looked like. Like I said, an average result. As great a subject as Valerie is, there's no impact and nothing memorable about the image.


Valerie is properly exposed, but the wall just doesn't have the impact that I wanted. Plus that sign in the foreground just seemed to be a distraction even though it is an alley, but it just didn't fit in with the artwork. My goal was to get rid of the sign, do a bit of skin softening and punch up the background to give it more impact.


This final image is just what I had in mind when I was standing there looking through my viewfinder. The colors are much more vibrant, but Valerie is still the center of attention; as it should be.


Here are a few more of Valerie's images from this same session.



In each of these images, the camera did its job and created a digital image. And in each case, I went through a process of retouching the images to create the finished results that the camera couldn't. Any camera can take a picture, but it takes something more to create a finished portrait. 

If you're interested in visiting Freak Alley or have another location in mind, contact us and we can start planning your session today.






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Caldwell Portrait Photographer - Finding the Perfect Location https://tempusphotodesign.com/blog/2017/3/caldwell-idaho-photographer---finding-the-perfect-location Location, location, location. As with business, location can play a big part in portraits. But it's easy to overthink things. It's easy to get caught up in the search for the perfect scenery and miss some great locations for great portraits.


When I leave the studio for a session, I often stay close to home and shoot around the Caldwell area. With such great locations nearby, there's no reason to travel very far. Downtown Caldwell is getting a facelift with some updated storefronts starting to take shape, but there are also some great classic architectural gems to use as a backdrop for portraits. I photographed Hailey in front of The Bird Stop and also used the façade of a newly renovated building for a fashion-inspired session.


The brick texture and ironwork were visually interesting and made a nice backdrop for Hailey. The pose has great curves and the placement of her arms just add to the overall pose. 


Within a few feet of this first location there were some windows and door accents that added some character to the brick exterior. I moved around to shoot from some different angles to get these two images. Both were retouched with a washed out finish for a stylized look. 


We moved to a location about one block away. It was an old building that had been vacant for years and had just been remodeled. The railing was new and had a nice metallic look to it. It was the perfect place to shoot so, of course, we used the railing as a prop. The retouching included giving the images a blue cast to match the metallic look of the railing. 


This final image was shot straight onto the building to show off the lines and textures on the side of the building. Because this was more architectural in nature, it was photographed to show some of the scope of the building and retouched for high impact with Hailey striking a pose in the lower portion of the image.


Before we wrapped up, we stopped in front of a large exterior wall next to the train depot. It was a simple wall, but complimented Hailey's skin tones beautifully.


Locations don't have to be complicated. Figuring out what works is part of the fun and creates a memorable experience. So take a look around. The best locations are just waiting to be found.


If you'd like some more information about scheduling a portrait session in one of these great locations, contact me and we can start planning today.



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Caldwell, Idaho Senior Photographer - When It Snows In Idaho https://tempusphotodesign.com/blog/2017/1/Caldwell-idaho-portrait-photographer-when-it-snows-in-idaho It’s winter in Idaho and in Caldwell we are experiencing record snowfalls. I’m spending about 1 ½ hours outside every time it snows just shoveling off the driveway so I don’t get trapped at home. The supply of snow pictures on social media is endless. Snow on the streets, snow in the driveway, snow covered cars. The snow is everywhere.


During these times most people go indoors and wait for the warmer weather to arrive, but a snowy winter day is a great time to go outdoors for some winter portraits. It's bright and airy and the results are some fantastic winter portraits that have a great dreamy quality to them.


The following images were taken on New Year’s Day after a week of steady snowfall.


For this first image, I retouched the image to create a dreamy feel to the overall image. It took no convincing to get Katelynn to bring her arms into her body for warmth since it was only 15 degrees outside. From there, I just talked her through the posing and got her to relax her shoulder and got that perfect moment.


Not far from this bridge, I found a bench that I thought would work great for a seated portrait. I started posing Katelynn and noticed something that she did with her eyes when I tried to pose her head. It was cute, so I teased her about it. That’s all it took to get her relaxed and laughing.


We finished up at a gazebo nearby. The snow was coming down and even though I couldn’t magically warm up the day for Katelynn, the least I could do was keep her dry. Even though the gazebo blocked some of the available light, we moved around the sides and found the best natural light to create a nice series of images. This is an example with the gazebo framing Katelynn and keeping things nice and bright.

Winter portraits are a fun alternative to being in an indoor studio, and this winter has been a doozy. So if you're interested in braving the cold, standing out in some deep snow and getting some beautiful portraits, contact us to find out more about outdoor winter portraits.  


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2016 Canyon County Fair - Update https://tempusphotodesign.com/blog/2016/8/2016-canyon-county-fair---update UPDATE - This year's entries in the Canyon County Fair faced the judges and did really well. Of the 4 entries in this year's fair, all 4 received ribbons.


Adult Portrait of Tricia Gillaspy - 2nd place.


Child Portrait of Anica Asumendi - 1st place


Black and White Portrait of Eric Hauser - 1st place


Sports Portrait of Davis Peterson - 4th place.


Even though the goal of entering the portraits in the fair is not to win ribbons, it's great validation of the high-quality portrait work that I strive to deliver with every person I have the privilege to work with.

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2016 Canyon County Fair https://tempusphotodesign.com/blog/2016/7/2016-canyon-county-fair It was time to start planning for the Canyon County Fair. As with past years, I had a decision to make: which portraits to display at the Canyon County Fair. I like to support our local fair and display my work with some of the local people that I have the privilege to photograph.  This year was no different. I decided to submit images in 4 different categories: adult portrait, child portrait, sports, and black & white.


For the adult portrait category, I submitted a portrait of Tricia Gillaspy. Tricia had seen some of my tulle skirt images I had posted on Facebook. She really liked the look and was excited to be photographed in one of the skirts. During the session, we talked about her tattoos and I decided to feature them in some of the images. Retouching included really fluffing up the dress and adding volume to it.



For the child portrait category, I submitted a portrait of Anica Asumendi. This was a fun concept session that I blogged about before (http://tempusphotodesign.com/blog/2016/2/caldwell-portrait-photographer---leaf-dress). I went big with this one. At 24x36, this really made an impact.



For the sports category, I submitted a portrait of Davis Peterson. For his senior portraits, Davis wanted to be photographed in his lacrosse uniform. We were able to find a soccer net at the College of Idaho and got this great shot of Davis. 



For the black and white category, I submitted a portrait of Eric Hauser.  Eric's senior portraits included an outfit with Eric wearing a white shirt, black tie and black cowboy hat. With the natural wood in the background, this image was perfect for a classic black and white portrait.



I know that these days many people rely on their smart phones to look at their family history, but a printed portrait is so much more. It is something you get to see everyday and transforms a house into a home.  If you're thinking about updating your walls with new portraits, feel free to contact me for more information. 

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Caldwell Idaho Photographer - Photographing Janelle https://tempusphotodesign.com/blog/2016/5/caldwell-idaho-photographer---photographing-janelle All it took was a long skirt and suddenly the corset with skirt created an elegant look.  When Janelle and I were planning her boudoir session we talked about different clothing options in order to give some variety to her session.

We started with the elegant look of the corset and long, side-split skirt. The look was formal and looked very serious, but between poses, I joked with Janelle about how serious she looked. Laughter has a way of breaking the ice and keeping things fun and relaxed.


Janelle changed into a bustier, complete with garter and stockings. We decided to break out the white area rug and I photographed from above while Janelle made subtle adjustments to her body creating some nice shape and movement.


In addition to the color version, I also retouched and toned some black and white options that have rich tones and a classic boudoir look.


As much as black clothing is a staple for any boudoir session, we also decided on an option with a pop of color. Janelle’s matching bra and panty set is a nice variation both in clothing choice and in color and gave a whole different look to her session.


Getting some variety in a portrait session doesn't have to be complicated. Some basic wardrobe additions can create some varied looks and create more options when it's time to decide on your favorite images from your session. Even if it's a boudoir session, when in doubt, bring it along. You might later realize it was the best decision. 














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Caldwell Portrait Photographer - Photographing Alyssia https://tempusphotodesign.com/blog/2016/4/caldwell-portrait-photographer---photographing-alyssia One of the jobs of being a photographer is quickly getting to know my models who are standing in front of the camera. What makes them laugh? How do I get a serious, but relaxed expression? How can I direct them on body movement without making them look stiff and uncomfortable? Every session is unique.


When Alyssia stood in front of my camera we had just met (in person) and only spent a few minutes going over her wardrobe. We decided to start with a casual look in jeans and jacket. I thought a natural and comfortable look would keep things relaxed. Alyssia and I got to know each other as I directed her through this first series of images. I could see that there were moments when she was unsure of herself, so I kept talking.


For her next outfit, Alyssia also kept it casual, but this time a more dressy casual with jeans and sweater. We moved between the full body and head shots. I started to see some of Alyssia’s nervousness and put the camera down. We talked a little bit more, and as I saw her relax, I picked up the camera and pushed the shutter a few more times. I repeated this a few times so the camera became less of a trigger (no pun intended) for Alyssia's nervousness.


For the next series, Alyssia went all out with an elegant dress. I was unconvinced about my backdrop and took a few quick photos then changed out the backdrop to a darker color that complimented the dress better. 


I noticed Alyssia’s tattoo and asked her to turn her back to the camera so that I could photograph the tattoo in a profile portrait. This gave Alyssia some time to not think about what to do in front of the camera. Her shoulder was the canvas.


We decided on one final outfit change and had some fun with a box fan. The fan created a bit of movement to Alyssia's hair and the seated position created some additional options for her portraits. It also ended the session on a high note with some laughter as we tried to get things just right. It's all part of the experience, and part of the fun.





info@tempusphotodesign.com (Tempus Photo Design) Caldwell Idaho Tempus Photo Design high school senior photo photography portrait senior studio https://tempusphotodesign.com/blog/2016/4/caldwell-portrait-photographer---photographing-alyssia Fri, 08 Apr 2016 17:38:49 GMT
Caldwell Portrait Photographer - Photographing Cassandra https://tempusphotodesign.com/blog/2016/3/caldwell-portrait-photographer---photographing-cassandra Cassandra and I spent some time discussing different wardrobe options for her session. Admittedly, I checked out her Facebook page to get an idea of her style and was looking forward to getting together to photograph her.


When Cassandra came in, we reviewed her clothing choices, and began with a series of glamorous portraits. Her confidence quickly showed as she expertly moved through a series of poses with little instruction.


Cassandra’s second outfit was a boudoir outfit with comfortable shirt and panties. It may seem like an unconventional choice for boudoir portraits, but comfortable clothing is a sexy variation on the traditional corset or bustier clothing choices.


As we moved through the poses, we talked about her tattoos and decided to show off Cassandra's koi fish tattoo­. This was the perfect opportunity to jump on a ladder and photograph Cassandra from above. The pose has great curve and shape; Cassandra’s expression is seductively sexy; and the exposed midsection all add to this ultra sexy portrait.


Next Cassandra replaced the shirt with a black bra and matching black robe. The classic black lingerie is always a winner and as we moved through the poses, Cassandra shared some stories about her adventurous life. It was in these moments that I realized that Cassandra’s fearlessness in life translated to the same confidence that I saw in her eyes from behind the camera.


We finished Cassandra’s session with one more outfit change: a matching mint green bra and panty set. The soft color palette kept the overall look soft and feminine.

There's a certain amount of vulnerability anytime I have someone stand in front of the camera. And nowhere is it more obvious than during a boudoir session. Not only is the model being asked to create a feeling through her movement and expression; but with boudoir, she's doing it with little or no clothing on. But boudoir is not about showing skin; it's about being confident about who you are. Cassandra embodied that confidence beautifully during her session, and that confidence shows through in every image.







info@tempusphotodesign.com (Tempus Photo Design) beauty boudoir caldwell design glamour idaho photo portrait sexy studio tempus https://tempusphotodesign.com/blog/2016/3/caldwell-portrait-photographer---photographing-cassandra Fri, 18 Mar 2016 14:12:02 GMT
Caldwell portrait photographer - Photographing Lyricallashea https://tempusphotodesign.com/blog/2016/3/caldwell-portrait-photographer---photographing-lyricallashea Image is everything. That statement set the tone for a portrait session with Lyricallashea. Lyric is a Boise rapper who wanted some portfolio images. When we began talking about her session, Lyric had some ideas for her look and it was my job to photograph her. We had a total of 4 varied looks ranging from a series of playful images all the way to some contemporary glamour portraits.


With a bright red blazer, high heel boots and bustier, Lyric created a sexy, business look. The series began with some conventional portraits that could be used with marketing materials showing her personal style.


As the session progressed we added a louvered room divider that matched the color of the blazer. It created some additional texture and depth to the images and gave some great variety to her series.


Next, Lyric broke out this fantastic outfit that reminded me of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” video. She quickly got into character and in no time, we had a series that shows her as the artist musician that she is.

We even tried something with attitude, minus the hat.


We finished up with a series of images in the bustier and skirt. This series really highlighted Lyric’s beautifully braided hair. The poses were fun and sexy and even featured a stole that I had in my closet.

Lyric knew what she wanted from her images and that helped to be able to create the finished look that we got from her session. While it's not unusual for session planning to take a few weeks, it still comes down to having fun during the session. With Lyric, a bout of the giggles midway through the session let me know that this session accomplished that, and more.

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Caldwell Portrait Photographer - Leaf Dress https://tempusphotodesign.com/blog/2016/2/caldwell-portrait-photographer---leaf-dress A few months ago I was on my morning run and ran by a window display at a local salon. I was kinda zoning, but eventually it registered in my brain that there was something interesting in that window that was worth going back for a second look. I turned around and ran back to check out the display.

In the window was something resembling a Christmas tree, but with leaves cascading down along the face of the tree. The top half looked like a dress with a bodice that matched the colors of the leaves. I was really intrigued by the idea of having a dress that looked like elements of nature. It got me thinking about whether it would be possible to do something like this that someone could wear.


I spent some time browsing around on Pinterest and saw some pictures of trees resembling what I saw. They were called tree dresses. I also started researching on YouTube, and other crafting websites and found some tutorials on making tulle dresses. I made a shopping list and created a plan for a dress that would incorporate the fall colors and some artificial fall leaves.  I also decided to use some burlap for the bodice. Burlap seemed to maintain the natural look of the leaves and as well as adding some texture to the clothing.

Leaf Dress Assembly 1Leaf Dress Assembly 1

 An evening of cutting and tying strips of tulle was all it took to get the dress done. The strips of artificial leaves were draped over the waistband of the dress and adjusted to get maximum visibility of the leaves.


For the bodice, I bought a few yards of canvas and ironed a pleat system using some iron-on adhesive to hold the material in place.

Leaf Dress Assembly 2Leaf Dress Assembly 2


With the bodice ready, the pieces now looked like they might fit together as I had hoped and appeared to look like they would produce a nice portrait.


Now that the pieces were ready, it was time to find my model. And I had the perfect person in mind.




I have known Anica since she was a baby and even as a baby she had this great expression and beautiful eyes. Plus I’ve known her mama since we were kids, so I thought it might be an advantage to me when I asked her to be my model. And it did (I think).

On the day of the session we packed everything up and took a drive to Lake Lowell. The leaves had been changing color and I was sure it would make a great location for these images. We found a spot in a wooded area away from the shore. There was some great natural light, so all the better. The day was a bit cool and Anica quickly changed while her mom helped out with the finishing touches of her make up.


The make up looked great so I got in close to feature Anica’s eyes.




Next, we took advantage of the natural elements in the area: a fallen tree, tree branches, and additional natural growth all helped to add texture to the image. The color of the leaves was changing and the images had a natural look that worked really well with the dress. 


Later, when I was editing, I decided to give the images a more surreal quality and decided to change the colors a bit. I changed up the colors of the leaves to make it look much more like fall and brought out the orange and reds in the leaves.



I even experimented a bit more and made the leaves even more red than in the previous image.



I'm still continuing to work on the images from this session during my free time and I'm sure that there will be more great images to share later.


In the end, this concept session was a success. It was great opportunity to get outdoors one last time while there were still some leave in the trees, and it also created a great opportunity to be visually creative. It was great experience and I'm already looking forward to the next project,.


info@tempusphotodesign.com (Tempus Photo Design) Caldwell Tempus Photo Design concept dress nature outdoor photo photography portrait tulle https://tempusphotodesign.com/blog/2016/2/caldwell-portrait-photographer---leaf-dress Fri, 12 Feb 2016 15:03:15 GMT
Caldwell Portrait Photographer - Wacom Training https://tempusphotodesign.com/blog/2016/1/caldwell-portrait-photographer-wacom-training Image retouching is an industry all its own. Often, outsourcing the retouching process can be costly and, for a photographer, can feel like giving away your own child, after having gone through the process of creating the image that was captured while holding the camera. It’s true that the image is made when the camera’s shutter fires, but I think it’s safe to say that a captured image is seldom, if ever, the image that anybody will ever see.


Where photography is concerned, there are basic tools of the trade. A camera, lenses, memory cards, perhaps lighting equipment, etc. are all some of the basic tools to be able to capture the image; but where retouching is concerned, there are a whole other set of tools involved. I have my go-to tools but often heard from other photographers that a Wacom tablet was a must. “I don’t know how you can edit without one” is what I would hear.


In a nutshell, a tablet is a stylus with digital tablet that is used to replace the mouse or touch pad of a computer to make image retouching faster and more precise. The idea sounded good, but I never really felt like I had enough of a reason to take the leap. That was until I tracked my retouching time and found that I had spent 17 hours editing a high school senior’s images. It was a monster number that I wouldn’t have imagined had I not actually tracked my time. It was finally time to look towards shaving some hours off of the retouching process.


I did my research and made my decision on what to buy. So with credit card in hand, I placed my order and continued doing my retouching in the only way that I knew how. A few days later, my order arrived.



My new tool sat on my dining room table for a couple of days as I walked past it thinking “I don’t have time to learn to use it right now”. With a handful of sessions waiting for my attention, I focused on reducing my workload. After a week and a half I decided it was time for my tablet and I to be properly introduced.


I got everything ready in my all-to-familiar editing chair. I opened an image to experiment with and started pushing some buttons and moving my stylus around. What seemed like an easy concept turned out to be like learning a new language. I knew what to do with the stylus, but the buttons and wheel on the side of the tablet confused me. I pushed buttons just to see what they did, and then clicked the undo keystrokes on my keyboard. Then I realized there was a helpful instruction screen. 


Suddenly it made sense. Imagine that: instructions helping out the learning process.


I spent a bit more time pushing buttons and learning to use the stylus, but felt the progress to be slow. It isn’t that my new tool wasn’t helpful. It’s just that I hadn’t yet gotten the hang of it. I went on to edit without the tablet until I felt like I had made some progress, and again, went back to some more training.


So far I’ve spent about 2 days of editing time using the tablet, and it’s challenging. But at least now, I feel like I’m starting to understand a few basic features. Already I’ve found that I can do some things faster while other things are a bit slower. But there’s still hope.


Delivering great images is still the goal, but I’m all for doing it faster and even better if it’s possible. But what does it really mean for you, my client. Nothing, really. My retouching process isn’t something that anybody should see, but I want to make sure that you get to see your images while you’re still excited about your session.  


So when you schedule your portrait session you can know that I will be working hard to create a great experience for you from the moment that we first talk about your session to the moment you hang your portraits on your wall.




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Break Free - 2016 https://tempusphotodesign.com/blog/2016/1/breakfree2016 As new years go, I’m not generally one to create resolutions. I tend to just go with the flow. That’s not to say that I don’t have goals. Goals are the driving force that motivate us to grow and change and it’s important to have some sense of direction for the future, even if it is just short term.


Recently I have forced myself to do things that I don’t normally do. Nothing big: just getting out of my own way and expanding who I am as a photographer. I look forward to the transition into the new year as the opportunity to continue growing.


One of those challenges for personal and professional growth is blogging. I tend to overthink things and the more I think about what might be interesting to blog about, the less fluidly my fingers move across the keyboard. Eventually most of my keystrokes are linked to the delete key and the end result is a blank screen. So for this year I resolve to…wait, I don’t even like the sound of that. How about I just say that I hope to share my voice, sarcasm and all, more freely. My goal is to type more freely and not filter myself. Well, maybe a little bit.  It may be short and brief, but I will make my attempt to put stuff out there just ‘cuz.


In honor of this monumental occasion, I share this first image of the year. Sorry folks, it’s just me. I call this “Break Free”.  Here’s hoping that you too make 2016 the year that you break free from your daily routine and create new adventures and lasting memories.


Break Free 2016Break Free 2016

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Anica Mini Session https://tempusphotodesign.com/blog/2015/8/anicaminisession It was a mini session with one light and one reflector. Anica came in feeling a bit tired from a long day so we kept it simple. She sat down and was given some simple instructions. Nothing really fancy; just a relaxed comfortable look. In all it took less than 20 minutes but resulted in some great photos of Anica.


Mini sessions are a great alternative to the usual school photos. No school uniforms, no uncomfortable smiles; just a quick, relaxed session with heirloom quality portraits.  For more information about mini sessions, call or email us today.

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Kinsley 9 Month Photos https://tempusphotodesign.com/blog/2015/6/kinsley-9-month-photos It was time for Kinsley’s 9 month photos (Oh how the months have flown by) and mommy had a plan. She came prepared with toys, stuffed animals and books. Kinsley was now sitting up and crawling around so it would be a bit more difficult to photograph her.


We decided on a white seamless background to eliminate any distractions but also because we knew Kinsley would be moving around and we didn’t want to worry about the background placement. We discovered pretty quickly that Kinsley just loved to crawl. We’d put her in position, and she’d crawl away almost as quickly as she was placed on the center of the floor.

We thought we’d try bringing in some toys and her favorite lounge chair. On any other day, she would just veg on her chair and wouldn’t move for a while, but on this day, she would hardly stay still when she was positioned on the floor. It was a matter of timing, but we managed to get a few quick shots, before Kinsley was out of frame.




We decided to try something different. Kinsley seemed to enjoy playing with a storage container that we had in the studio. It was furry, it was bright, and it was just the right size for her to hold herself up. We moved the piece into the center of the frame and placed Kinsley next to it. We got the same results: Kinsley crawled away. It was time to think outside the box (excuse the pun): we placed Kinsley inside the box and it worked. At least for a few minutes.



From there, we used different toys, and were able to keep Kinsley entertained a few minutes at a time. One item was used as a distraction and when her interest waned, we moved onto the next item.





Eventually Kinsley had enough, but even her momentary meltdown produced a nice trio of images.


We finished up with Kinsley’s favorite books. They went in her mouth, got tossed around, and eventually were just a curious oddity for her.




It’s been a number of years since I’ve had a baby around, but was reminded of just how cute they can be. They are curious, emotional, and full of life.  The changes happen so quickly and they grow up in the blink of an eye. We can help capture those moments in time, and preserve the memories of your little cuties. Give us a call to schedule your session.

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