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Urban Glamour in Downtown Nampa

November 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

We had a bit of a time crunch. Christina had a birthday party that her son had to go to, so we decided we would just work quickly to get her session done on time. We arranged to meet in downtown Nampa, and I showed up a bit early to wander around and scout the location. I made some mental notes along the way: lighting conditions, interesting locations and space to work. The theme was urban glamour so naturally brick exteriors and alleyways were part of the plan. 

Christina showed up and we got the introductions out of the way (we hadn't officially met prior to this day). For a first-time meeting, there was a whole lot of talking going on. I'm blaming Christina for this. She's a chatterbox, but in all the good ways. The introvert in me tends to be a bit more cerebral as I get to know someone and quickly learn how to interact to get great expression from our sessions; but Christina was a blast. She joked and made faces for the camera pretty much the whole time. To the bystander, it must have looked like we were just playing around and not being all that productive. But the proof is in the pudding, as they say.

Our first location turned out to be a dark brick corridor that looked a bit mysterious. It took a bit of work, but I was able to set up my light stand and small softbox. Focusing was a problem because it was very dark. I had to get creative and use a flashlight for focus, then turn it off when I was ready. The light coming in from behind Christina had a great glow and produced this beautiful image.

Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 1Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 1


We finished up at this location and moved around to the front of the building. It was brighter and from the sidewalk looked like a typical city sidewalk. We took advantage of the location since it didn't have a lot of foot traffic and, for the most part, we were able to avoid cars in the background. We found a place for Christina to sit and as she settled in, we found this great seated pose. Unconventional, but a wonderful image.

Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 2Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 2


The conversation continued, all the while Christina make faces and just cracked herself up. Seriously, I didn't have to say much, but I definitely wasn't putting my camera down. I love capturing a series of images that include laughter. It creates a real connection with the person and is a great panoramic piece that is unposed and completely natural.

Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 3Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 3


As we moved to a new location Christina mentioned that she had some flowers in the car and wanted to bring them with her so they would not get too hot in the car. The flowers were nice, so we used them for a few photos. They were a simple prop, but added a nice pop of color.

Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 4Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 4


We moved down the block and found a long wall with interesting tile frame. It seemed out of place right in the middle of the long wall, but we decided to use it to frame Christina.  She had a great pose and I took the shot. Because the sidewalk was on a bit of a slope, things didn't line up as well as I wanted. I did some creative editing to square everything up and make it look a bit more symmetrical and balanced. It's a great use of the space, has a fashion feel to it, and there's a nice openness to it.

Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 5Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 5


Our final stop was an open alley that had some nice light and great weathered brickwork. As great as the location was, I couldn't help but get in close for this beautiful portrait.

Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 6Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 6


We got some of the gritty background and then Christina decided she wanted to do some climbing. Yup, long dress and heels, and she wants to climb on stuff. I was ready: my 5'2" and 120-something pound frame was ready to catch her if she went down. Fortunately, it didn't come to that and I was able to focus on shooting. As I worked, I continued to pull back and get more and more of the location into the frame. It was a great variation to the up close portraits.

Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 7Urban Glamour In Downtown Nampa 7


We were having a great time, but had to wrap it up so Christina could get her son to the birthday party. In all we made great use of the time that we had available; moved around to get some different locations; and got some great results for Christina. The downtown Nampa area was a great location and made for a great day of shooting. 

If you'd like to schedule a session in downtown Nampa, or have another location in mind, please contact us and we can start planning your session.











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